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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There's no movie who pictured scene like this

Living is great
Of course it is
What else did you think

I blinked again and
I wasn't dead
I was a favorite
Child in it's bed

I clashed with silence
I stumbled and fell
I blinked again, sure
This wasn't hell

I had to look
In awe and surprise
Yet I'd found nothing
To life but my life
You left the room
So leaves me cold
You never do this before

Like I was walking out alone in this city by night
Or am I just being foolish
Or am I just being hopefully yours?
Or just being foolish?

I want to see you
Even want to see you bleed
Because everyday is you

It didn't take so long
Really just a day..

I woke and couldn't sleep
Before a word was said
The gap was ocean deep
Between us in the bed

And i feel:
Getting up is easy
Beaten up, still easy
Cutting off is easy
Tearing down is easy
Being in this situation with you,
It's way too hard
And yeah, i prefer suicide

You're amazing and i couldn't find other words
Stunning when you sleep
My ecstasy and sadness
And no, I'm not alright without my drugs

The film they show is sad and boring
There's no movie with scene like this
Forgetting you is like breathing water
There's no way i can do that

All things you said once made me wonder
I think of nothing

And I can't go on like this
This is not a way of telling you:
"Be mine, be mine"

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