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Saturday, February 21, 2009

November - Now

So its been another boring Saturday night for me. It seems that I have felt this from the beginning of December. I never felt comfortable during the night through Sunday since that time. What happened? I really do not understand, as if something mysterious wants to punish me.

I like to be alone. Yeah, i spent a lot of my time being alone without company. Fiuh, strange right? I drove alone to a place that you can't imagine, I traveled alone without any destination by foot (by train actually), I ate alone in my favorite place, I watched gigs alone, I went to the cinema alone, i did something that is bad for my health alone, I even have plans to fly alone to a faraway place that still affordable for my pocket (Im saving some money now). Yeah i know, I must be crazy. Forgive me.

One of my friends turned 20 yesterday and i realize that soon i will be 20 also. "Shit" I said to my self. I couldn't believe that i have lived this long. Have i done enough in the first phase of my live to survive the next phase? Damn, I'm not sure. I hope i will never regret all the things that i did in the first phase of my live when i reach 40. Well who wants to be like that, huh?

Speaking of happiness. According to my friend Wiki, Happiness is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. I looked carefully to those meaning word by word and i was surprised when i realize that none of the word above has occured in me lately.

So here i am, young and unhappy.

Anybody care?

Forgive my grammar, you are just wasting your time reading this.

Adiós estúpido

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