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Friday, December 12, 2008

Bungee Jumping Myth!

There is a myth when doing tandem bungee jump with your opposite sex.
It says that you will end up with a relationship with your jump partner after the jump



This is me and Dhinda
Captured on 11/08/2008

We spent a lot of time fighting, mocking, hurting each other since we met in college
Me and Dhinda always said to our friends who enjoyed making fun of us while we are fighting that no matter what happen in this earth, we will never have a relationship together

On 11/12/08
Exactly 4 months after we had our first jump,
Me and Dhinda are officially in a relationship

Well, i guess you should never try tandem bungee jump with person that you hate the most in your life or you will end up just like us.

But it is a good idea when you had your jump with someone that you like. Hehe

This is Dhinda
After all the fighting and trembling we had, i end up with this huge feeling for her
Never say never hehe..

3 Comment(s):

-La Vienz- said...

waw.. interesting story. I should try that myth, haha. oh, wait. I already have a boyfriend.. huhu..

well, just blogwalking here. nice blog! ;-)

Brahms Audiansha said...

yeah you should definitely try it!hahahaha. thx!

saskii said...

sumpah di gw udah mau komen dari lama tapi harus bikin acc.blogger dulu dan ternyata cepat haha..

haha nice banget never say never..selamat ya di..cantik deh